A technology-first approach to road safety and traffic flow

Hayden AI is a first fully autonomous traffic management platform. The world’s most innovative cities use Hayden AI’s sensors, software, and data to improve urban mobility and quality of life for their communities.


To design the UI language and platform for fleet and route management

  • Client

    Hayden AI

  • Date

    July – October, 2021

  • Technologies

    Rapid Design, Interactive Prorotyping, React.js

Project overview

We were tasked to take an initial active product and refine the UI to prepare it for scaling and significant user growth.  We looked to assess, optimize and improve the user experience across their data portal.  


The challenge

Develop a new set of UI standards that could be introduced to users prior to growth, to ensure consistency and familiarity, while maintaining elements of the existing developed product.  


We documented the existing user journey to find areas of opportunity and optimization.  We then stepped back, analyzed the competition and defined what users in this space expect and demand.  

Working from a user-centered lens, we designed in iteration to tackle layers of the UI in phases, ensuring consistency across different functional areas.  

Connecting this new UI system back to the existing code, involved rationalizing with developers where and how to evolve the back-end to support the front.  



Hayden.ai’s customer and internal web portals are now consistent and at production quality, ready for scaling across their customer market.  

Workflow times have been optimized to reduce clicks, cluster similar tasks and allow the portal to expose the proper data for optimization. 

Active across

4 major cities

The most common feedback

"Clean, familiar and easy to use"

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A technology-first approach to road safety and traffic flow

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