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Commercial Real-Estate Analytics & Investment

“Fireproof” (we’ve changed their name until they leave stealth mode) is a marketplace, forecast predictor and trading platform for commercial real estate investment.  Enabling accredited investors to have direct access to a marketplace of potential opportunities tied to a predictive analysis tool to understand the potential performance of properties.

Action Engine worked closely with “Fireproof” from their initial product concept, developing their entire workflow and analytics platform.


Embedding workflows alongside data to empower users through decision making

  • Client

    "Fireproof" (stealth mode)

  • Date

    May 2019 – Ongoing

  • Technologies

    Python, Flask, Database Postgres, SQLAlchemy

Project overview

A self-served and self-managed real estate investment platform that allows users to find investment properties that match their investment needs.


The challenge

The goal was to digital a traditional business process through innovative use of approvals and data exposure.  We looked to combine Investment insights with real estate sector specifics to create interactive dashboards and workflow engines.



Through iterative sprints and layered product development phases, we built the initial business logic utilizing our partner technology platform developed by Wearehere.labs.  This allowed us to accelerate certain functions quickly to be able to internally test and refine.  

Led through a Design-Thinking method, we defined user journeys based on targeted personas.  Workflows led into prototypes that could be tested with alpha users to further refine the usability and data appearance. 


Users can make investments in real estate, form funds and partnerships, raise funds, see predicted market prices for potential investments.  They also have the ability to exchange and communicate performance information and track performance analytics of partnerships all through one centralized portal.  

Start to Launch

14 months

Investment Potential

$20 Million

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Commercial Real-Estate Analytics & Investment

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